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What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is the fast way of being found on Google. In short Google, PPC is paid for advertising. We bid on keywords or search phrases within Google AdWords. If a search is made in Google that matches your service or product, the search result will include your Google advert. If your ad is clicked on, a deduction will be made from your AdWords budget.

PPC increases your chances of being found in a Google Search. With PPC you select a list of keywords or search phrases that you want to be found with. We will create ads with the selected keywords and add them to YOUR campaign in Google AdWords.

Each keyword or search phrase that you select comes with a value. If a potential client does a search in Google and uses your keyword or search phrase, your ad will be displayed in pre-defined positions on the Google Search results page.

How does payment work?

We start off with selecting a daily AdWords budget. If your daily Adwords budget is R100, once the budget is reached your ad will stop displaying until the next day. We calculate the recommended daily spend based on the number of search phrases you have and the cost of your selected phrases.

Other factors that affect your cost per click is the quality of your ad and the type of bidding that is used.

Other forms of PPC

We take the complexities of Google AdWords away from you completely. We set up your campaign, create landing pages, provide constant maintenance and monitoring and provide monthly reports on your AdWords performance.

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We also provide a PPC service for Facebook and Twitter. For more information on this, please visit our Social Media page.

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